Birth on 4-9-1898 in village Savli Dist. Baroda (Vadodara),
corresponding to Samvat 1954 in the month of
Badrapad in the dark phase on the 4th. Name :
Chunilal, Mother’s Name : Suraj Ba, Father’s Name :
Asharam, Family Surname : Bhavsar.
1903: Migration of family to Kalol village.
1916:Father’s demise.
1905-1918: Broken, interrupted education, also hard manual
labour to support his family.
1919:Passes Matriculation.
1919-1920: Years in Baroda College.
6-4-1921 : Gives up college education.
1921: Joins Gujarat Vidya Peeth.
1921:Leaves Vidya Peeth to take up service of Harijans.
1922: Frustrated by Epilepsy Fits attempts suicide by jumping
from the over hanging rock of Garudeswar into river
Narmada, miraculously saved by Divine intervention,
cured of the dieases by continuous utterance of ‘HARIÃ
AUM’ on the advice of a sadhu.
1923:Composes two spiritul poems : To The Mind and At
Thy Lotus Feet.
1923: Initiated by Pujya Shri Balayogi on Vasanth Panchami
Day i.e. 22nd January, 1923 Monday at Hajimanzil,
Nadiad. Visits Shri Keshavanandji Maharaj his supreme
Guru, at Sai Kheda, Madhya Pradesh, under Shri
Balayogi’s advice, starts sleeping at crematorium at
Nadiad and thus Harijan Seva as part of his sadhna,
for God’s sake or as dedication to him.
1926:At the main wedding ceremony goes into samadhi or
a trance.
1927: After suffering a snake bite at Bodal Harijan Ashram
his utterance of ‘HARIÃ AUM’ became unbroken and

1928:Publishes ‘‘At Thy Lotus Feet.’’
1928:Out of sale proceeds of the book undertakes a
pilgrimage to the Himalayas.
1928:He advent of Shri Upasani Maharaj at Nadiad, goes to
Sakuri near Shirdi, Maharastra on his advice, for 7 days
in a state of samadhi on his own waste matter spread
out all around him.
1930: The experience of the Silent Brahman of Mind.
1930-1932: Years spent in various jails in Sabarmati, Visapur,
Nasik and Yaravda, not for any service to the country
but only for furtherance of his sadhna, endures
hardships and police beatings as a test for his courage,
wrote a treatise on the ‘‘Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta’’ in a
language simple enough for school children to
understand - called ‘‘Jivan Geeta’’.
1934: Realisation of God with form - the blue form of Shri
1934-1939: Visits the aghori sadhu in the Himalayas, spends
sometime alone in a cave behind Dhoonvadhar
waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh, sits in the middle of 3
circles of 21 fires of 21 cowdung cakes in the hot month
of Chaitra (April-May) with bare body for cultivation
of Brahmacharya in Karanchi (Then a part of one
India). Has vision of Sai Baba of Shirdi who instructs
him on the final meditation to liberation or Mukti.
29-3-1939: On Ram Navami Day, corresponding to Samvat
year 1995 has the experience of God without form,
commencement of mukta dasha, with uttarance ‘I am
Omnipresent.’ Resigns from Harijan Sevak Sangh.
1940: On 9-9-1940 commanded by Sai Baba to travel by air
to Karachi.
1941:Mother’s demise.
1942: Quits Harijan Seva Sangh, yet collects donation from
Mumbai for Harijan Girl’s School of Gujarat. Endurespolice beatings to experience state above physical conciousness

1943: 24th February . experiences transference of Gandhiji’s
urine infection into his own urine during Gandhiji’s
long fast (Tadatmya).
1945:Pilgrimage to the Himalayas, - extraordinary
experiences on the way.
1946:Harijan Ashram, Ahmedabad, the beginning of Mouna
(Silence) in Meera Kutir.
1950: Establishes his first Ashram at Kumbakonam, in South
India on the bank of Cauveri.
1954:Beginning of Mouna rooms in Kurukshetra in Surat,
1955: Establishes Hari Om Ashram at Nadiad on the bank of
1956: 23-4-1956 Establishes Hari Om Ashram at Kurukshetra
in Surat on the bank of Tapi.
1962-1976: Commencement of social service work through
Hari Om Ashrams. In the field of education, Literature,
Bravery in youth such as mountain climbing, sea
swimming etc. Declared awards for scientist for R & D
work of space science, salt water, Agriculture, medicine
etc. Constant travelling in spite of the body being
afflicted by many vicarious sufferings. Publishes
number of volumes on spiritual science based on his
23-7-1976: Gives up his body in the presence of six people
at Shri Raman Bhai Amin’s farm house at Fajalpur, on
the bank of Mahinadi, near Vadodara. Commencing
the process to Abondan the mortal coil at 4-20 p.m. on
22nd July and ending at 1.35 a.m. on 23rd July 1976.
Orders by his will not to construct monument or
memorial for him, instead to constanct school roomsand building with the money collected thereafter